The Game changing SAAS Cloud Cost
Optimization & Management Solution

Amazon Web Services
Google Cloud
Microsoft Azure
Tackling the root causes of Cloud waste

Altocapa offers the most comprehensive review of all types of Cloud resource

It reviews resource idleness, oversizing, tag compliance and many other inefficiencies on an ongoing basis.

It can do things like identify dev/test resources that should be shutdown at the end of the working day or recommend a smaller database size based on its growth projection.

It not only identifies these issues but includes a workflow to advise and check recommended changes have been implemented by the relevant teams.

Its breadth and level of scrutiny goes far beyond that of other popular optimization solutions and the Cloud platforms themselves.

It allows you to relax in the knowledge you are only paying for what you need and use in the Cloud!

how it works...

  • Altocapa reviews an extensive list of your Cloud resources accross Azure, AWS and now Google Cloud.
  • When it finds a resource that it recognises as inefficient it creates an Action.
  • Actions display a reason and one or more change recomendations including the potential annual saving.
  • Altocapa cannot and does not make any automated changes to your Cloud resources.
  • Instead, Actions are included in a workflow and get routed to stakeholders including the relevant change implementer.
  • To make reporting accurate, Altocapa does not consider a change complete until it checks the resource has changed itself.


Pay As You Save

$5 per month and then 4% of verified savings.
  • Idle tracking
  • Rightsizing
  • Housekeeping clean-up
  • Basic workflow
  • Multi-Cloud
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1 month FREE trial
then $100 per month.
  • Everything in Pay As You Save +
  • Full workflow
  • Tag tracking
  • Reporting
  • Max. 15 accounts/15 users
  • For clouds of up to 1000 resources Contact us


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  • Everything in Pro +
  • Dev/Test shutdown scheduling
  • Unlimited
  • For full details Contact us
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